after a long and painful Trip UAS 406 has arrived for Restoration…

Aug 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Dein Riley

…at my garage.

I have bought the car at a boring rainy day in my vacation (Punta Cana) from Ebay.

The car was transported with the Company Car Storage Scotland from Scotland to Immingham. A faulty information gives me a long trip to Rotterdam for the collection of the car. Unfortunately the car was not on board which gives me a happy trailer journey back to Hamburg. Than I decide to let the car go the Esbjerg where I have done the Collection with the trailer. The DFDS ferry line gives me no credit for the horrible trip to Rotterdam and back to Hamburg. I cannot recommend this company but i can recommend the Company Car Storage Scotland which has done a great job at attractive pricing.

The car is in very very poor condition. It will take me 1 year or more to do the work. I think about a head of conversion.

Best regards

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